Living Large In Small Spaces - Cobbler's Cottage

Thirty-sixth post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Hello Cottage Friends,

Nothing sets my heart aflutter like the phrase "stone cottage." If you feel the same way, you're going to enjoy today's edition of Living Large In Small Spaces.

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Cobbler's Cottage, a vacation rental offered by Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages.  A big "thank you" to them for giving me the privilege of featuring it at A Joyful Cottage.

Once an actual cobbler's dwelling, this cottage is near the Black Mountains in Wales. 

Cobbler's Cottage is loaded with character. Nooks, crannies. All the charm we'd expect from an old cottage, right?

The living space is one large open room with kitchen, dining, and a sitting area.

My heart sings when I see a renovated cottage like this where elements of the original architecture have been preserved.

Yes, this cottage has been modernized.  But not at the expense of its original charm.

The scale of the furniture is perfect for the space.

A very comfortable room. Warm and inviting.

And there's a little whimsy to keep things from being too serious.

This cottage has two bedrooms, each with its own bath.  One is on the first floor.

Did you notice the tiny round window near the ceiling? Sweet.

Climb the spiral stairs to the master bedroom.

I love everything about this beautiful, serene room.

Tucked under the eaves, its bath is bright and beautiful.

A skylight ensures plenty of natural light.

The cottage looks out on a parterre, which formerly served as the village square.

Situated on the grounds of the owner's home, there is an abundance of green space.

Anything about this cottage you find inspiring?

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  1. Oh my goodness, what a charming little cottage. I love that every room is so bright and airy feeling. The grounds are beautiful, too.

  2. Anything you ask . . . How about EVERYTHING!
    Love the whimsical pieces like the double decker bus, the hare and the red Vermont (?) Cast Iron stove!
    And I am over the moon with the stone . . . and some history.
    Very, very TOP for me!

  3. What a charming little cottage! I love just about everything about it. The sitting area makes me wish for a good book, a cup of tea and a chance to wrap in that gorgeous plaid afghan in front of the fire! Such a sweet place.

  4. Gorgeous! Way too many favorites to list here, Nancy, but the stone and the red accents are way up there on the list! ♡

  5. So charming. Love the comfy feel to all the rooms. Love the stone on the outside and the exposed brick walls inside. Very sweet.

  6. Absolutely beautiful! Love the garden too. Have a happy weekend Nancy!!


  7. I loved everything about this. Deb

  8. Precious! And the inside is definitely larger than it looks from the outside. I love how sunny it seems and I would be happy sitting outdoors all day long, too! :)

    Jane x

  9. This is so similar to one that my spouse and I rented years ago in Yorkshire. It must of been a similar builder, because it had a spiral stair and it was all stone. Anyway, it was really fun. xoxo Su

  10. This is so similar to one that my spouse and I rented years ago in Yorkshire. It must of been a similar builder, because it had a spiral stair and it was all stone. Anyway, it was really fun. xoxo Su

  11. Oh Nancy, this is superb. I love that the natural elements were retained and the necessary modernization has not taken center stage. All the stone and wood are kept and this little gem is PERFECT! The garden speaks to me; we are currently in Carmel, California where the stone cottages and tight lots give such a fairytale feel, needless to say that the ocean just right by us is captivating! But a small space never should stop anyone from adding this sort of charm.


  12. Nancy,
    This stone charmer is perfection. Preserving the textural architectural walls in the interior and updating with modern touches just feels like a warm hug. So many quaint little details are at play here that amuse the eye and embrace the meaning of relaxation.
    I'm a lover of stone (I live in a stone house with brick) I'd truly love staying here! Thanks for sharing this cottage.
    Happy Sunday,

  13. What a lovely place! I love the original features. My favorite must be the window with the wooden beam and patterned curtains, so charming.

  14. Nancy I think I found my true love! This Cottage gets an A+ in my book. Love it! Have a lovely day. Hugs, Jo

  15. I love it all, but I love the front entry the most. A place for boots, umbrellas and wood for the stove. Perfect.

  16. What a very sweet place. I love the mossy green on the cobble stone drive! What a simply wonderful place for a vacation! Thanks for sharing! Blessings, Cindy

  17. Well you have blown away my idea of what stone cottages look like inside. Everyone I have seen has been dark and closed in feel to it. I was surprised when I saw the first picture of the inside. I love the wall in the dining room, the open bright living area and the master bedroom. I can also see myself snuggled up beside the fireplace. Thanks for busting my idea of stone cottages.

  18. I just loved so many things about this darling home, the spiral staircase, open living area, bright cheery decor, lots of natural light everywhere... wow! Another lovely feature, quite inspiring! Hope all is going well with you and your cottage as well! Many hugs!

  19. This is such a beautiful cottage....I`m in love <3.The garden is real nice too.I could move into this cottage in a heart beat.Thanks for sharing.

  20. You must know that I always love a stone cottage! This was a darling one, thanks for sharing!

  21. I LoVe this little stone cottage! Everything you'd ever need in one room, yet it looks much bigger than the outside. Wish it was closer to me!

  22. Hi, I wouldn't like having to climb the stairs at my age but that bedroom looks so relaxing! Nancy

  23. I think my favorite thing is the nook with the boots. I would love to create a space like that for my home, but I can't figure out where.



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