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Thirty-first post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Welcome Cottage Friends,

On today's edition of Living Large In Small Spaces we're traveling to the UK for a tour of The Sett, courtesy of Blaentrothy Holiday Cottages

This second floor studio apartment is a barn conversion located 20 minutes from Abergavenny in Mountmouthshire, Wales.

From the first floor entry we take the indoor stairs to a second floor landing. You can hang your jacket here.

Entering through a large wooden door we find an open space with a vaulted ceiling and plenty of natural light.

The sleek kitchenette with its wood cabinetry works well here.

To the right of the entrance door is the bath.

The bathroom is one big "wet room", with a heated tile floor.

This is a great way to tuck a tiny bathroom with shower under the eaves.

The sleeping area is at the opposite end of the apartment.

Love all the beams.  They definitely make a statement.

Every window provides a view of the lush conservation farm that surrounds the studio.

private sitting-area overlooks a delightful brook.

Although this studio serves as a vacation rental, I wonder. . . could you see this as a home for one or two people?  Could you live large in this small space?

All photos are the property of  Blaentrothy Holiday Cottagesand were used with their permission. I received no compensation for featuring The Sett.

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  1. i could live there .. easy peasy!
    my dearest husband may not entirely agree... wink.

    1. Um, yeah. Very important to have couples in agreement on housing. LOL

  2. Very pretty! Love the garden!!

  3. I could definitely live there!!! Beautiful small space. Some bathroom, lol...

    1. I've been noticing these "wet rooms" more and more. Especially in beach homes.

  4. I love those arched ceilings and curved wooden beams, Nancy. Of course, I would have to add a little red to the decor, but I could get very comfortable in this cottage...especially sitting but that stream! Thanks for sharing! :)

  5. I could live there! It's similar to some of my original thoughts for a 'some-day' home above an RV garage that would store our RV when we return from the travels we dream of. Rethinking was necessary because of knee issues. That was the beginning of visions of living in a small space - perhaps beside the RV garage instead of above. Thank you for sharing this sweet, little place. It is gorgeous!

  6. My husbamd's family is all in Denmark and there, bathrooms are always 'wet' rooms. It just makes such a lot of sense.
    The holiday cottage is sweet for a night or two, but I am one who needs separation for the sleeping area.

  7. What an interesting design for a darling little space! I have never seen a wet bathroom before, but it sounds pretty great with a heated floor! Just visiting or on vacation, the open room would be just fine, but living there, I would probably have to partition off the bedroom somehow, I think. And of course, I think I would spend most of my time outside anyway! Thanks for another treat today Nancy! What a pleasure it is to look forward to each Sat for your cottage highlight!

  8. Hi Nancy,
    This is a really cute place. What a beautiful view with the brook from the back. Very sweet.
    Happy Mom's Day. Enjoy.

  9. This is very large and very nicely constructed. Its more like a large home to me I live in 300 square feet of two small rooms. To me that looks like living large definitely!

  10. They really made the most of the space! I think that it is very livable in the summer, when you can use the outdoor as another room, but in winter it may be a bit small.

  11. What a treasure. Those beams really tighten up the space making it feel grand, but yet cozy at the same time! A brilliant use of a limited space with all the necessities wrapped up in a fun, fairytale-like setting!

    Good morning Nancy my friend! Anita

  12. Too small for me to live there but it is the perfect vacation place!

  13. Nancy, this cottage is absolutely breathtaking and a huge surprise, when you enter the inside. Those beams are amazing . . . everything about it is amazing. This is my favorite cottage in your series so far. Not just the cottage, but the beautiful location as well. The folks that own it must be on cloud nine when they have the time to get away to this dream come true cottage in the woods:)

  14. This is a great renovation of an old barn. Full of charm and yet full of comfort!

  15. I wonder if there is a message in my comments? I say almost the same thing in each Living Large In Small Spaces . . . "I could live here . . ."
    So charming, curves and beams, height and just enough space AND a babbling brook!

  16. I couldn't live here because I need a ceat9ive space. I guess I could use the down stairs barn for that, then this would be perfect!

  17. Now that's the way to live with all of that beauty around. The home is sweet, and convenient. That's what I like about small homes. I hope you are enjoying your Mother's Day dear friend. Hugs, Jo

  18. Happy Mother's Day, Nancy,
    I like it. :-)
    I love how they designed the bathroom.

  19. My darling husband Jim bathes like a bird in a birdbath!!! I cannot begin to imagine what he could do to a bathroom like that!

  20. Lovely cottage. I do have to say I am not a fan of wet rooms. When we stay at a place in Paris they had this set up at the hotel. I found it to be very dangerous. Let me tell ya it does get slippery no matter what anyone says. Plus water was going all over the place and trying to keep a towel dry was impossible. Not to mention wet toilet paper. A doctor, here, told me the number one place for deadly injuries in the home is the bathroom...and that's not wet rooms. The place we stayed also had a glass barn door style into the room. Yes, a bit awkward. My son was with me. Other than that I love the cottage hahaha

  21. Oh Nancy,
    What a cozy little cottage. I especially love the location...overlooking a little brook, surrounded by beautiful landscape, simply beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  22. That was an interesting post. For me I do not like all the tile in the wet room it is too cold for me. I like bathrooms with warmth although I think that heated floor must certainly be nice in winter time. But the entire ambience of the bathroom needs to ooze warmth. I think the outdoor surroundings are very appealing. It was very interesting to see a wet room and a different approach.

  23. It's absolutely darling (Love the beams!), but I couldn't live with two people in it. It looks like a great place for one person though :)



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