Joy List Monday - In Praise of Pink Carnations

And in my flower beds,
 I think,
Smile the carnation, 
and the pink.
~ Rupert Brooke

Though thought to be a boring flower

by many,

I am not afraid to say

that I love the humble pink carnation.

My husband knows this


brought home a bunch last Friday.

I love pink carnations for their 


In bouquets they hold their 


long after other flowers have withered.

And they always have a delicious clove


One day I hope to cut pink carnations from my own garden.

But for now. . .

I'll enjoy 

the ones that come from the store.

(Thank you, dear husband.)

Are you looking closer at the beauty around you 
or aware of things to be thankful for today?

(Some of you have asked about the progress on our cottage.
I'm working on an update that should post tomorrow.)

Joy List Monday was prompted by Anne of My Giant Strawberry. I love her idea of "taking a few moments to jot down bits of beauty that I've noticed or any little details in my day that are bringing me joy." 


  1. I love pink carnations - and most colors of carnations and pinks that smell like cloves. They are so sweet. I've noticed that the large size carnations are not as lasting as the "button" ones, and sometimes not as fragrant. My favorite flowers are actually roses, though. :-)

    My husband has dubbed my "style" as eclectic cottage. :-)

  2. ....and I'm sure you will (cut your own from your own garden), and what's great about carnations, they still last a really long time when they're cut.

  3. I agree Nancy - carnations are so amazing, and long lasting... they are a joyous bounty of beauty to keep for days on end! I'm glad to see you had time today for your joy list Monday - they are always a blessing to read! Hugs to you today!

  4. I love carnations too they last a long time. Your hubby is the sweetest. Have a great start to the week.

  5. My favorite flower is daisy but I like carnations, especially the smell. My daughter and three of my grandchildren took me to lunch today. They had not been to visit from Alabama, that is what brings me joy today. Your husband sounds like my Jim who used to bring me flowers just because. Blessings, Debbie

  6. Ooooo! I think this will be my next choice of flower for my vase! I have been receiving white roses, white tulips but I think I'll ask him for some pink carnations next. How lovely to fill our home with a simple and accessible pleasure such as flowers. Happy day dearest Nancy! Anita

  7. Nancy,
    Your hubby is sweet for giving you flowers. I love carnations too. I planted some but they didn't grow so next spring I'll try again with the seeds I have left, hopefully I'll have a little more success. I think carnations really are a nice flower to include as a cut flower.

  8. Pink carnations were my wedding flowers. At the time, it was a financial decision....but seeing yours, I am reminded of their beauty. Humble the best possible way.

  9. Carnation is the flower of my birth month, January. I was always disappointed in that because I think florists and grocery stores do this flower a disservice by spraying them all kinds of ugly colors, which has made me not appreciate them so much! These pink carnations are so gorgeous and now have changed my mind about this pretty flower!

  10. Lovely! I wonder how easy they are to grow?

  11. I have a red (surprise!) carnation plant in our yard and I love it. It blooms every year with such a burst of color and long lasting blooms, I can't wait until it pops each spring! Enjoy your lovely blooms, Nancy! :)

  12. Nancy,
    Carnations in pretty pink! My husbands Grandmother who lived to 102, for every Birthday only wanted Pink Carnations and your post has brought back beautiful memories of her. Thank you!

  13. I love carnations. And I can't wait to see the update on your cottage!

  14. How sweet and thoughtful of your hubby to surprise you with your beloved pink carnations! How ever did these long lasting petals get such a bad rap? I find them charmingly romantic, too, and those dressed in cotton candy pink are adorable!

    Enjoy, my friend!

  15. I love carnations, too. Their fragrance is so delightful and they really are pretty.

  16. Love them. They remind me of my grandmother who grew them in her garden. Such long lasers!


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