Living Large In Small Spaces - A Charming House in West Sussex

Eighth post in the series

If you're familiar with my blog, you know I have a weakness for old-world cottages and have devoted a fair amount of my posts to showing them off. Traditional, quaint cottages get me every time. Their charm is undeniable.

While the small house I'm featuring today is not technically a cottage, it is Old World and has many cottage characteristics.  Its owner Fiona of Just Paint It White lives large in this small (approximately 700 square foot) house on the south coast of England, and I'm thrilled to include her story in the Living Large In Small Spaces series.

Fiona purchased her home in 2000.  "I loved the outside on paper," she says, "because it's like a fisherman's cottage with exposed brick and no [plaster covering the brick] and it had a beautiful maple growing across the front (the maple came from a neighbour's garden and grew across 5 houses but, unfortunately, they cut it down)."

The house was "in pretty good shape" when Fiona bought it. She replaced the boiler, and the windows at the front of the house because "although the old wood ones were adorable, they made the house very cold." 

Fiona designed a new front door, added flower boxes and, using her decorative painting skills (more about that later), transformed the black gas box to match the brick. "The gas box has faded somewhat," she says, "so I need to paint it again."


She also replaced the bedraggled front lawn with a lovely patio and garden.


Of her gardening prowess Fiona says, "Up till then I hadn't even owned a house plant!"

"Although I am surrounded by streets full of very similar terraced houses, I actually like the bay windows and wooden porches and not very far away there are some wonderfully old period properties." ~ Fiona

Fiona made major improvements to the kitchen.

"The kitchen was very sad, and it took us about two years to be able to afford to do it up. We put in new cabinet doors, work surface, oven, hob (cook top) and lovely slate flooring." ~ Fiona

Fiona scored the slate flooring in exchange
 for a decorative painting job.
After living in the house for several years, Fiona moved to a flat across town for personal reasons, and rented out the two-bedroom house for seven years. In 2013 she returned to her home.

Fortunately, the tenants had left the house in good condition "apart from a very worn carpet." 

The kitchen after the tenants moved out

The kitchen after Fiona "filled it up."

Fiona didn't want her kitchen to "look like it was off the shelf."

There's plenty of cottage character in this kitchen.

The larder cupboard with dentil cornice was custom made for the space.  To its left, under the counter, is the refrigerator.

"I like to think that my dog looks as perfect
as the one in the calendar!" ~ Fiona

Natural light floods the kitchen, and makes the room visually larger.

Fiona says there's "still a lot of work to do in the kitchen." On her wish list is painting the kitchen cabinets either soft gray or white.

The living room when the tenants moved out.

The cozy living room (lounge) is decorated with objects Fiona has collected over time. 

Fiona made the driftwood lamp.

A log burner warms the space.

The tongue and groove wall was added during Fiona's first stay in the house.

"As I have always said - more is more !

Less is more doesn't really work for me !" ~ Fiona

Her color choices are soft and serene.

Dining room when the tenants moved out.

"I really don't like the topiary tree fabric on the armchair, but it was FREE and I'm putting off making a slipcover and waiting till I win the lottery to get it covered professionally!" ~ Fiona

"Lighting is very important. We actually took out the overhead light in the living room because overhead lights can be so cold. I have three lamps on at night (in the lounge diner) and I only put the chandelier on if I'm working at the dining room table." ~ Fiona

On a shopping trip Fiona found the "very chippy, shabby old cabinet, with a marble top and great details." She looked at it three different times to make sure she really loved it, and that it would fit the space "between the architrave of the hall door and the under stairs cupboard" before making the purchase. 

Fiona designs charming vignettes, often using what she calls "nature's cast offs."

Her dining room portrays charming French country influences.

Fiona painted the "too shiny" brass chandelier collar white and wrapped the cord with a "pale blue silk bandage" from her stash.

Wanting to hide her craft supplies in the built-in cabinet, Fiona crafted doors. She added the trim and fabric, painted and installed the doors herself.

She found the beautiful glass handles on the internet.

Fiona did extensive work on the bathroom.

She removed the multi-colored tile and installed tongue and groove paneling all around the room.

The chair is one of Fiona's wonderful makeovers. She ingeniously added slats to the bottom to hold a storage basket.

This little cabinet is a Fiona makeover, too.

The bathroom now has a lot of vintage style.

"I love the room from every angle." ~ Fiona

While working on a commissioned painting job Fiona rescued vintage glass door knobs from a demolition pile.  She had been looking for knobs just like them for her house, and was delighted to find six, the exact number she needed for her stripped pine doors.

Fiona's guest room doubles as her sewing room.

The sewing machine cover was designed and created by Fiona.

"When I lived here before I thought we made it pretty nice," Fiona says, "but blogging has inspired me so much more, that I think the house is looking better than ever. I'm so inspired all the time that I can't wait to decorate the rest of the house as I've only really scratched the surface. The lounge/diner won't change much, it just needs a lick of paint, but I need to do the hall and landing(that's next), both bedrooms and do a lot of work on the kitchen."

Fiona's vision and creativity extends far beyond her home. 

 Mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil heart-tower
with balsamic glaze

She is head chef at a local beachfront café. These photos of her creations are from the Valentine's Day menu.

Fresh-baked cheesecake with fresh strawberries

Fiona is also a trained decorative artist, and spent ten years doing commissioned work. The following photos show only a few examples of her extraordinary talent.  

Roman ruins under the stairs

"I wanted to paint a scene through the ruins with a bright blue sky so that the stone work really popped, but my client wanted a neutral colourscheme - c'est la vie." ~ Fiona

A mural within a swimming pool room. 

"I had just come back from two weeks in Crete and really wanted to be back there. So I painted a terrace with far reaching views of the sea. Oh how I wanted that terrace to be mine (I have dreams of retiring to Greece)." ~ Fiona

Stone block around a cooker mantel

So delicate.

"Working as a chef is a necessity because it pays the bills. Doing the artwork pays much better, but because I have to pay all the bills myself I can't take a chance on the work being infrequent." ~ Fiona

It is home life, however, that Fiona most enjoys. "I love being at home away from the stresses of daily life," she says, "just chilling with my dog and having copious amounts of Earl Grey tea."

Fiona feels a small house is just right for her and Rufie, her dog. "If I had more money I wouldn't want a much bigger place," she says, "because I wouldn't want to be rattling around in it, and 'cozy' is just want I want to feel in my own home, it's so comforting after a long day at work." 

I wish to express my thanks to Fiona for allowing me the privilege of sharing her charming house in West Sussex.  Visit her blog Just Paint It White for more about her small home and large life.

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  1. I recently found Fiona and her blog. She's super talented! You must visit her, NOW!

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    Love her old world like, vintage, hand created touches.
    Very, very nice . . .

  6. Dear Nancy, thank you for writing such a lovely post about my little house, it actually brought tears to my eyes because it feels special that someone likes my style so much. And seeing everything I've done and reading my own words makes me feel that I really need to get on with all those plans, because I've been a bit lazy recently !
    Sincerely, a big thank you x

    1. Fiona, it was my great pleasure to write this feature. I love your home, and admire your incredible talent. I felt I barely scratched the surface of your accomplishments in my post, and would have loved to do a lot more. Hugs.

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