Monogrammed Burlap Pillow Cover and a $5 off Coupon

Is there anything more fun than checking your email and finding you're the winner of a giveaway?
I'm kind of doing a little happy dance in front of my laptop right now.
Melissa and Stephanie over at "Two It Yourself" hosted a Monogrammed Burlap Pillow Cover giveaway and I. Am. The. Blessed. Winner.

That's right. Coming very soon to my home is one burlap pillow cover like these with the letter "R". Can you blame me for being excited?

Two It Yourself is a DIY blog authored by sisters Melissa and Stephanie. They share so many great ideas and projects. From furniture makeovers to how to make your own curtain rods. All kinds of holiday crafts and d├ęcor, kids stuff and party planning. If you aren't following them, you need to. Especially if, like me, you're into saving money and doing things yourself.

Melissa is the owner of Cuteness Cubed, an Etsy shop where she sells, among other items, the monogrammed burlap pillow covers. She has created a coupon for people who entered the giveaway but didn't win. It gives $5 off the pillow covers. Melissa has very kindly extended that offer to the readers of A Joyful Cottage. The coupon code is 5OFFFRIDAY (3 F's), and it's good thru Friday, October 25. This coupon makes a great deal even better. Christmas is just around the corner, and these made in the USA monogrammed burlap pillow covers would make great gifts. What's more, it's a chance to support a fellow blogger, and entrepreneur. Here's the link to Melissa's Etsy shop:

Thanks so much Melissa and Stephanie. Best wishes for continued success.

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