Our Apartment is inTherapy

After selling our home in Colorado and spending five weeks on the road in Oregon, we finally landed in a small northeastern Oregon town. In some ways it reminds me of the mountain town we left.

View from our previous Colorado home. . .

View from our current Oregon apartment:

Kind of ironic, don't you think? I never really thought of Oregon looking like this, but it depends on what section of the state you visit. The northeast portion is arid, with lots of sunshine and low humidity.

So now we're here, and after making two offers on homes in the region and neither coming to fruition, we decided to lease an apartment. At least for now. (We've been without internet service for a month, so blogging and social media interaction came to a screeching halt. I'm glad to be back with you.)

In my last post I invited you to join me as I turn our apartment into a home. I snapped the following photos before we moved in and began work on our new place.

After moving from a 640 square foot home, this 1,600 square foot apartment seems huge. With its 11' ceilings, wood structural posts and large windows, the great room has an industrial look.

The room is open to the kitchen (just to the left of the posts in the photo above).

 (The cutesy refrigerator magnets are no longer there.)
I like the cottagey bead board in the bathroom.
The bedrooms are large, but pretty bland.
See what I mean? Shaggy browny/tanny carpet.
But on the plus side I have a nice view from the bedroom that will be my home office/studio. And the deep window well suits me fine.
Notice the funky decrepit wagon outside. It needs a feminine touch. I wonder if I could cover it in roses.
Beyond the plain wagon is a better view.
I've been working on a lot of home decorating projects that I'll share with you in the coming days.
Hope your weekend is filled with joy.
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  1. Nancy, I admire this step you both have taken so much. I believe you will be better off for having rented for a while and wait for the right house, and it will come when the time is right. I think you'll have fun in that large space. And the view is great. When you posted from the coast I wondered if you were in Gerheart (I must not be spelling that right ?) I've always wished I could go there as it is so beautiful in pictures and looks like such a relaxed charming community. Are you very far from the coast where you are now? I hope you'll post some about why you chose this particular spot.

    What a change autumn will be there. And winter of course. Is the gardening zone much more moderate?

    Too many questions. I hope you are very happy in your new home.

    1. You're so nice, Dewena. Thank you. We are, indeed, far from the coast. On the other side of the state, in fact. I'm not sure how different the winter will be from where we were in Colorado. We're still at a higher elevation, about 4,500 feet. Our hardiness zone in Colorado was 4b (7,500 feet). Here it is 5a, so it's a little better. Thanks for your suggestion about sharing why we chose this spot. I didn't think it would be of interest to others, but maybe I'm wrong. :)

  2. Happy you are settling in . . . your new home apartment looks like it will fit the bill! Views are perfect . . . I no time it will be a Joyful Cottage of the NW . . . Enjoy the creating . . .

    1. Thanks, Lynne. I'm enjoying the process of redecorating and exploring the area.


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