Saturday, July 28, 2012

A Tour of Pixie Nook Cottage in Cornwall

Pixie Nook Cottage
Photos used with the permission of Unique Home Stays, contact number + 44 (0) 1637 881942

Recently I received an email from Claire at Unique Home Stays in the UK ("Unique Home Stays offers luxury private house accommodation in more than 140 homes scattered over 14 different countries.") Claire had found my blog and had some nice things to say about it. Then she asked if I'd like to blog about one of Unique Home Stay's cottages "Pixie Nook". Once I looked at the stunning photos of Pixie Nook I sent a "definitely" reply to Claire and here we are. It's my pleasure to share this pretty one bedroom cottage with you.

Step from the picturesque Cornish countryside through the powder green door of this 300 year-old traditional stone cottage and get ready for a surprise.

There's nothing conventional about this cottage decor. Dressed in luscious contemporary florals in jewel tones, the rooms suggest a cottage garden.

Lots of attention to detail here. The colored glass at the windows echo the hues in the drapery fabric and the area rug.

Pixie Nook is Grade II listed, which in the UK means it is of "special interest". The present owners purchased the cottage in 2011 and renovated and decorated the property themselves, with the help of the Interior Styler at Unique Home Stays Jess Clarke.

We classic cottage lovers can appreciate the care the owners took to maintain the architectural integrity throughout their home. I love the white granite walls, deep window wells, beamed ceilings and painted wood floors.

The bright colors of the accessories contrasted against the white walls and cupboard create a cheery dining area.

I knew you'd want a closer look at that gorgeous teapot.

There's no lack of modern amenities in this kitchen, yet the blue cabinets with the scalloped edging and the wood countertops satisfy the longing for an old-fashioned cottage.

Ahhh, a white farm sink. It speaks "charm" to me. Not to mention that marvelous door.

I'm really intrigued by this headboard. It looks like velvet. I imagine breakfast in bed followed by lollygagging the morning away with a good book or magazine. (I still like to thumb through home decorating magazines, don't you?)

There's a little mid-century, a touch of vintage and a spot of modern throughout the cottage. It's not easy to pull off an eclectic look, but these folks did a smashing job. Did you notice the cup and saucer lamp bases? Just a hint of whimsy. Very smart.

Are you as crazy about those hook and eye locks on the window as I am? So quaint. And who could resist a walk in the countryside after seeing this view?

After a soak in the tub I'll meet you on the patio for a late lunch.

It appears to be early spring when these photos were taken. I'm picturing this scene with morning glories climbing up the trellises and a scramble of perennials under the windows. A window box or two wouldn't hurt, either.

Very inviting. Every cottage needs a stone wall somewhere.

Afternoon tea in the garden, anyone?

That's a cedar hot tub, upper left in the photo. The lighting is enchanting. Very effective for evening enjoyment. 

I hope you enjoyed the tour of Pixie Nook. And to Claire I'd like to say a big "thank you" for allowing me to share this delightful place with all my cottage friends. 

If you're interested in booking a stay at Pixie Nook, Claire invites you to travel on over to