The Magical Cottage for Inspiration Friday #64

"The Magical Cottage" photo by David Nagy: 
Some rights reserved.

There's a surreal quality to this Swedish cottage, don't you think? No wonder it's called "The Magical Cottage". I would love to see the interior. And I wouldn't mind seeing the backyard, too. Alas, I'll have to leave that to my imagination.

So. . .I'll imagine a garden in the backyard with this.
"Maxwell, IA Garden" photo by Carl Wycoff:
Some rights reserved.

"Classic 50's Garden Chair Free Find." Photo by Dog Leaps:
Some rights reserved.
Boy, would I love to get my hands on this chair. What do you think? Robin's egg blue? Aqua? A pale green perhaps? Or maybe a bolder color. Hmmm.

"Antique Shop" Teddys Antikshop, Norra Skolgatan, Malmö. Photo by Christer:
I'm thinking I'd stage this sweet little set under gorgeous blooms. Can you picture it outside this Belgian cottage under the amazing wisteria?

Belgian Cottage. Photo by RenéDB:
Some rights reserved.

A girl can dream, can't she?

One thing I'm no longer dreaming about is a sandwich sign outside our shop. Ever since we opened our gallery and consignment home decor shop four weeks ago, I've wanted such a sign to help steer all those nice folks way down at the end of the sidewalk our way. We're a little off the beaten path. Dennis constructed one for me last week and I love it. (But not more than I love him.)

Facing South
Facing North

Chris our sign guy did the lettering. We intentionally left the rest of the sign plain so we can change it out to suit whatever is happening in the shop. (Or just hang one of Dennis' paintings, and place pretty flowers in front of it.)

Today I'm linking up for the first time with Vanessa and Heather over at The Picket Fence for Inspiration Friday #64.

What's inspiring you?



  1. Both of these cottages make me think of Snow White somehow. They are like cottages from fairy tales! Really wonderful! Love all the whimsical things that you also show on this post, but mostly I am so glad you got your great sandwich sign for the shop. I know it will draw people down your way!

  2. A lovely post Nancy, really love that chair too. Your sign is so nice, I hope you get lots of sales from it. xx

    1. Thank you Jeanetteann. We've had a good week of sales and we're having lots of fun. God bless.

  3. Great idea to "bring in the peeps"! In no time at all you'll have people stopping by in throngs . . .

  4. wao, another interesting post..thanks for sharing these nice clicks :)


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