Flowers, Flowers, Flowers (and a peek at the shop)

Anne Hathaways cottage at Stratford-upon-Avon by Richard Peat:

It's windy and cool at my mountain cottage today, but this photo warms me. I imagine myself strolling along that stone path amongst the beautiful blooms. Can we ever get enough of cottage gardens?

Recently while cyber-searching for garden inspiration, I came across the Heidi Claire blog by floral designer and owner of The Nesting Company Florist in Burton, Texas Heidi Matthies-Jaster. I found her backyard garden and flower arrangements enchanting, and since I'm not a bit shy when it comes to introducing myself and asking if I can share with you what I've found on other blogs and web sites,  I contacted Heidi. I asked for permission to feature her photos, she graciously said "yes", and here we are. I'm very happy to introduce you to Heidi and her florals

Let's begin with Heidi's beautiful roses.
Secretly, I'm a little jealous of her Souvenir de la Malmaison roses blooming in March.

Heidi's backyard has special charm.

Her neighbor made the tripod from pieces of antique wrought iron cemetery fence. Heidi sells the the purple German Bearded Iris plants, as well as Yarrow and Periwinkle at the local Farmers' Market. 

Texas is recovering from the worst drought in recorded history, yet through it Heidi's garden survived. She says, "Choosing hardy, heirloom or antique variety plants are my secret to the success of my garden."

Isn't Heidi's dog, Jack, cute? Heidi calls him her "alarm system".

Evergreen Wisteria surrounds the bluebird house made by Heidi's step grandfather. Heidi says chick-a-dees like to take up residence here. Who can blame them?

On to Heidi's floral shop.
Very charming and festive decor last Christmas. Love the punch of the black and white doors against the pale yellow.

Obviously, December doesn't get as cold in Burton, Texas as it does where I live. The gorgeous flower arrangement on the table wouldn't last five minutes here in the Colorado Rockies.

I have a thing for painted chairs and this periwinkle blue is a beauty. Especially with that gorgeous flower arrangement sitting on it.

This white bride's bouquet is exquisite.

More blooms!

For more views of Heidi's wonderful arrangements, hop over to The Nesting Co

And for the amazing story of Oreo, her neutered male cat turned Foster Mom, see Heidi's other blog: Heidi Claire.

Thank you, Heidi, for allowing me to share your beautiful photos and introduce you to my cottage friends.

Last week I promised the next time I posted I would show you photos of my new shop. I mean to keep that promise.
Dennis put a fresh coat of paint on the shop's front. I wanted to make it look like a cottage, but. . .well, we're on a budget. Maybe next year.

Watercolors by Dennis Reinke. Hobnail glass sits on the little Stickley desk. 
Hall teapots, Hull pottery, hand made birdhouses and planters, and that fabulous table fill the front of the shop.
The table is made of all recycled materials by a local artisan. He made the bookcase, planters and birdhouses too. 
Dennis' oil paintings hang above two lovely wing back chairs. Van Briggle pottery is displayed on the occasional table.

I love this primitive possum belly cupboard and the armoire next to it. 

Resident artis Dennis Reinke. (Sorry, he's not for sale.)

Original watercolors and a primitive chest.

We've only been open two weeks, but already we have some wonderful consignments to compliment Dennis' lovely paintings. And we've had some sales. I'm very thankful for the Lord's provision and for the wonderful people I get to meet every day in a job that I am truly enjoying. In fact, it hardly feels like a job at all.

Hope you have a joyful weekend in your cottage.



  1. What a lovely post, sweetpea, and I enjoy seeing the artist behind all those gorgeous paintings. I know you're probably following a dream opening your own shop and I wish you well.
    Ooooh, following you on Google Reader....;-)

    1. Thanks Connie. I didn't know this was my dream until our first customer walked in the door. :)

  2. Loved the visit to Heudi Claire and her floral shop. Plus seeing your Joyful Cottage Shop. It reminded me of a consignment artisan shop I started the year after I retire . . . . TILLERS art and gifts. Memories many . . .

    1. I wish you lived nearby, Lynne. I'd love to hear your stories about the shop you owned. Blessings.

  3. Heidi's gardens and the arrangements in her shop reflect her wonderful talents. I know where Burton, TX is, and should I ever get back that way I will try to visit her shop! I also love your shop! You and your hubby are doing an amazing job! How exciting! Love all of his artwork displayed everywhere, and the pieces you have are wonderful. Do you own that Stickley table, or is it a sale item? Just wondering... :-)

    1. Thanks for your nice comments, Marie. You are a sweet person. The little Stickley Bros. desk is from my personal collection. I will be selling it as soon as I get an appraisal. (If anyone has an idea of its worth, I'd like to know.)

  4. Amazing photos! I love Anne Hathaways cottage!!! Your shop is lovely! Congratulations! What a wonderful work!!!

    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your comments. God bless.

  5. Nancy, I am so glad that you found me because now I found you. Your cottage is absolutely darling. Cottage gardening is my favorite style. Working hard to fill my now 2 1/2 yr. old garden. Thanks for the wonderful tour of Heidi's garden. I enjoyed it so much! Your shop looks beautiful and congrats on the success. Now following you!

    1. Thank you, Jann. The best thing about blogging is meeting nice people like you. :)

  6. You shop looks great! I hope it turn to be a huge success!

  7. What can I say, I am greatly flattered. Thank you Nancy for the post. I need to stop and smell the roses more often, I take my job for granted more than I should. Congratulations on your shop, it is like a baby, a lot of work, but the benefits of watching it grow is very rewarding. I personally love the people connections. Take care and thanks again. Love, Heidi

    1. You are so welcome, Heidi. It was my pleasure to share your beautiful flowers and talent. I know what you mean about the people connection. It's what I most enjoy, too. God bless.


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