Monday Morning Encouragement -- Look Back, Look Around, Look Up

"I remember the days of old;I meditate on all Your doings;I muse on the work of Your hands." Psalm 143:5

When we are in the midst of a trial and peace seems far from us, it's a perfect time to stop what we're doing and mediate on the goodness of our Heavenly Father. 

Look back to days past when He has brought us victoriously through trouble. Remembering what He has already done for us gives us hope in our current situation. 

Look around, consider creation and the blessings that He gives us every day through the natural world. Think about how the Lord holds it altogether by His power and strength. How constant He is in bringing the sunrise every morning and the sunset every night. If He is so trustworthy with nature, won't He be so much more trustworthy with our lives today and in the future? 

Look up. Seek the Lord's face and praise Him. Praising Him when we are troubled is a sacrifice which He will never refuse and one that delights Him. When we focus our attention on Him instead of our circumstances, He responds with all we need for the time. "The joy of the Lord is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10). 

Look back and remember His faithfulness, look around and consider His power and strength, look up and receive His peace.

Today's music video I Look To You by Selah is a beautiful tribute to our incredible Lord. I hope it blesses you.

I love you, I'm thinking of you, and I'm praying for you.


  1. Amen! Praise the Lord in his Sanctuary! He will always be there for us if we just ask Him. I pray that you have a wonderful Monday filled with His love.
    Blessings and hugs,

  2. What a beautiful, hopeful picture today, along with the reminder to look to Jesus! This is a much better response in times of trouble than anxiety and panic! Thank you, Nancy!

  3. Beautiful post and music. Happy New Week. Hugs. Kris

  4. I love Selah. When our first son died and all of the "out of towners" had left, I set down to look at the names in the guest books from his Celebration of Life service. On those pages was the name of his kindergarten teacher. Our son died at age 30. There was the name of his first t-ball couch. Many names of many schoolteachers. We live in a small city and have been here over 40 years. With 5 kids we got to know a lot of people. Looking at those names reminded me that the world lost a big, loud, funny, Harley riding, poetry writing, tattoo artist turned miner who loved Jesus, but we lost our kindergartener. Our t-ball player, our squeaky saxophone player. The Kid Magnet. The one who could not tell a joke with a straight face. The loss was overwhelming. I went to the bathroom, put in the Selah cd "How Great Thou Art" (full volume) and stepped into the shower. The sound of the music and the shower covered up the wounded animal cries that I could not keep in any longer. How Great He Is. My tears and lots of my pain went down the drain with the water streaming around me. Years later, my husband and I flew to Seattle from Alaska to attend a Selah concert. We got to meet them. I didn't bring up how significant they will always be to me. Did not want to bring sadness into the meeting. God used their music in a great (there's that word again) way that day. There is so much healing in music. Thanks for Selah, Nancy

    1. Sandy, your testimony is inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it here. I can't begin to imagine the pain and grief losing your son has brought you. Yet here you are honoring the Lord, and the memory of your son, with these impactful words. I know anyone who reads them will agree that they are filled with hope. God bless you, Sandy.♥♥

  5. Beautiful song... beautiful words Nancy. Thank you for being so faithful to us every Monday! Hugs.. Marilyn


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