Monday, January 22, 2018

How We Hid Our Flat Screen TV with a Wall Cabinet

When Dennis and I designed our cottage we planned for our flat screen TV to mount on the north wall of our 8 1/2' x 10' sitting room. Every inch of floor space is precious in this small space, and hanging the TV just made sense. Since neither of us liked the idea of a black screen figuring prominently on the wall, we had in mind some kind of wall cabinet to hide it.

On a trip to Nampa, Idaho in March 2016 we discovered Sweetly Chic Boutique and its lovely owner Amanda.

Dennis found a cabinet in the corner of Amanda's shabby chic and vintage shop that he believed could be modified to work as a wall cabinet for the TV. I was excited about his idea, so we bought the cabinet and brought it home.

The cabinet sat in the workshop for almost two years while other projects that generated income took precedence. Reconfiguring the TV cabinet had to wait for a lull in Dennis' schedule, and finally after this past Christmas the opportunity came: Dennis had time to devote to the TV cabinet.  

He removed the inner shelves, cut the back of the cabinet to make it shallower, put in a new back, and built and installed a new single shelf under which the TV sits. After he hung the cabinet I gave it a fresh coat of paint inside and out. I couldn't be happier with the results. When the TV isn't in use we have a lovely leaded glass front wall cabinet that adds charm to our sitting room.

The doors open fully to expose the TV for viewing; favorite DVD's are stowed on the shelf.

Now I'm on the hunt for a something to place under the cabinet.

Altogether our cabinet cost less than $100. (I already had the paint in my stash.) When I recently saw this Horchow TV cabinet with a similar aesthetic on Pinterest at a whopping cost of $975 on sale, I felt even more satisfied with our adaptation.

Flat-Screen TV Entertainment Wall Cabinet
Source: Horchow

It sure feels good to have this TV wall cabinet project completed. I'll be sharing more changes in the sitting room soon. 

How about you? Are there any home improvement projects you've been dying to complete?