Living Large In Small Spaces - South Carolina Cottage

Charleston, South Carolina is our destination for this week's Living Large In Small Spaces feature.

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"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Although this 1200 sq ft  3 bedroom, 1 bath family home is a recent build, its design and finishes give it the look of a vintage cottage.

The ground floor houses the garage and storage. On the main floor transom-topped French doors open from the exterior into a cozy living room. 

Tongue and groove ceiling and horizontal plank wainscot set the traditional cottage tone. The antique fireplace brick, surround and the mantel came out of a historic building in downtown Charleston. 

The beautiful floors are American cherry. Built-in shelves and cabinets hold a collection of green glass.

Eighty percent of the owner's collection of Fire King/Anchor Hocking glassware came from her mother's attic. A mixture of jadeite, milk glass, and azurite pieces originally belonged to her grandmother, then her mother added pieces through the years. All of it now resides in the cottage, with additional pieces being added when found at yard sales, flea markets, or antique stores. 

The overall feel of this cottage is relaxed, and very livable.

I like the use of white upper cabinets over black lower cabinets in the kitchen. It's a fresh approach to neutral, and using white for the upper cabinets makes the room appear larger.

A charming toile valance complements the hanging light over the farm sink. 

In the dining room, molded wainscoting and paneled doors echo the cottage charm. I love the farm table paired with the white chairs, and the lovely faux-coral chandelier. 

The spacious single bath is accessible from both the hallway and the master bedroom.

In my book this bedroom is stunning. It looks like it's evolved over time.

The decor in this cottage is restrained; something I've really come to appreciate. And something I noticed is that the collection of green glassware displayed in the front rooms tied them together and kept this small space from appearing cluttered. This I want to keep in mind as I continue to decorate our cottage.

Do you have a particular collection in your home?

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  1. I don't have many collections (other than books!) but I do own four little glass bluebirds and a couple of other birds made of rock or pottery. Also, on the same shelf I've placed four cats!

    1. Haha. I love that! What a great sense of humor you have. xo

  2. I love the combination of the green glass and black toile in the cottage! The greens of the glass collection are a favorite of mine, I've always called it Depression Green because it was used so much in kitchens then.

    I love that bedroom too!

    My collections are mainly books and china, my weakness. I got rid of a lot of both when we moved but I'm really hoping in the next few years to think about which dishes I really use a lot and let more go, not so much to declutter but to make table setting simpler. A simpler life at home seems more and more important to me as time goes on.

  3. So charming and cute. Love this one Nancy.
    Happy Weekend.

  4. This cottage has a lot of great ideas! I do have a collection - or more. I collect yellow depression glass and yellow American pottery. Among other things. I have far more yellow glass than I have room to display in my home. Now I've inherited my mother's home and all of her cobalt blue depression and antique glass!

  5. The floors and ceilings caught my eye - as does the pattern on the curtains in the living room..... Books and pottery are among my "collections". I

  6. All the details such as the farmer's sink, the moldings in that gorgeous dining area, the bathroom and the d├ęcor make you forget it's such a small space. Again, another winner my friend!

  7. So cozy even though it is new....changes my perception of new builds being too cookie cutter! It is really lovely.

  8. Very lovely home, but I don't understand why anyone would build a 3 bedroom house with only 1 bathroom. Just doesn't make sense to me.

    1. Then you'll be happy to know that this couple just had a third baby and they're in the process of adding a master bedroom with ensuite bathroom to the cottage.

  9. So much to love about this cottage charmer . . .
    cherry wood flooring, wainscoating,
    the soft green paint color,
    draperies hanging from ceiling to floor,
    farm house sink . . . with the rooster/hen on one side, Anchor Hocking on the other . . .
    green glass and collections throughout . . . adding to the charm.
    I liked the assessibility of the one large bathroom, wondered about location of the other two bedrooms.
    Really liked the mixture of older pieces, (secretary), large, framed in wood, landscape, art,
    draperies, mixed with all the white, stainless, television, etc.
    Really charming 1200 sq ft . . . interesting to see the curb view of the front of the cottage.
    I do have some collections . . . tiny bowls which started from collecting small Hull pieces years ago.
    My best useable collection ever . . . amazing how often I need a small bowl for something or another.
    Other collections . . . tucked away in storage . . . Shirley Temple dolls, santas, ornaments . . .
    Really enjoyed this Nancy . . .

  10. Love the interior of the cottage, especial the kitchen and bedroom. I used to collect teapots and pottery pitchers, then seashells for many, many years but now I collect nothing. Since this last move I realized how nice it is to live a simple uncluttered life. So I am slowly selling off most of my fabric and will be only buying fabric for one project at a time. Also Going to purge my books down to my Bible reference and commentaries and anything else that I haven't used in a long time. Less clutter and dusting = more peace and time. :) Hope you have a Blessed Sunday my friend. Hugs Debbie

  11. Oh goodness, I just love the colors!

  12. Well, this is timely. We just had dinner with friends who are purchasing a house in South Carolina. Very charming overall, but love that shot of the sink. The kitchen is perfection!

  13. That's a very sweet cottage. I love the bath! I have collected milk glass and white ironstone. However, when we downsized from a large home to a 950 sq. ft. townhouse, I donated or sold almost all of my large milk glass collection. I did not have the space for both, and the ironstone was my preferred collection.

  14. Another beautiful find and share, sweet friend!! So pretty! God bless you this Lord's Day!!

  15. very cute home! Have a great week!!

  16. Nancy,
    Just love this home, it would be something I would choose! Thanks for these posts!

  17. Very sweet small home - glad to know about a second bathroom addition - they'll need it!
    It has a larger feel than 1200 sq ft, which is about the size of my cottage also, and we have 2 full bathrooms.
    The decor is charming - only change I would make would be to take down the fancy valance above the kitchen sink to open the view of the lovely trees and not have to worry about grease and dust!

    I'm a collector of much and always trying to edit and pass along things to others as I don't need so many items to keep clean! My years as an antiques/vintage dealer with a sales booth is to blame - I kept all things I love! Vintage glass display domes, French linens, antique china (especially platters, bowls, soup tureens), antique French paperback books, cookbooks (far too many), and little natural objects such as dried seed pods, bird nests, unusual shells etc. for my little 'cabinet of curiosities'.

    This is my year to edit ferociously and downsize - will I become a minimalist, very doubtful, but I'm trying!

    Happy Spring days Nancy - enjoy!
    Mary -

  18. I love this house, the colour chosen are very soothing and it seems like a nice place to relax.

  19. A charming home, love all the extra details, but especially the jadeite collection that ties in with her wall color choice. I really don't have a collection because of our limited space here but if I did, it would probably be tea cups, lol!


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