Living Large In Small Spaces - Little Bear Cabin

A charming little cabin in the heart of the Weald Downlands in West Sussex is this week's Living Large In Small Spaces feature.

Welcome to the ninety-fifth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

Nestled in ancient woods, this sweet little cabin is a true retreat from the world's clamor.

You won't find television or Wi-Fi here, which, truth be told, sounds pretty good to me.

The architect-designed cabin has an open floor plan.

"Rooms" are defined by the exposed structural beams.

Large doors open to the sights and sounds of nature.

Though rustic in design, the cabin is anything but rough.

Furniture and textiles are soft and inviting.

Very cozy. A  perfect place for reading and lounging.

And who could resist that luxurious bed?

The bathroom has a beautiful walk-in shower and a warming towel rack.

The sink is in keeping with the rustic design.

A secret hideaway is found in the loft. Windows offer splendid views of the environment.

The patio is charming.

As I'm writing this I'm looking out at the last remnants of our snowy winter and imagining how lovely it would be right now to stretch out on this lounge with a good book.

Or maybe soak in the hot tub.

Beyond the cabin the woods invite nature walks.

The wildflower meadow is stunning.

I feel a bit revived just looking at this magical place. I love it!

Little Bear is a vacation home available for rent from Unique Home Stays, +44(0) 1637 881183.
Images © Unique Home Stays +44 (0) 1637 881183
All images are owned by Unique Home Stays and were used with their permission.

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  1. I love this cabin Nancy, wish I could have just like it. The rustic elements makes it so cozy and lovely. Thanks for sharing about this cabin. Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. I especially like the largest of the windows! What a view...
    ...and the walk-in shower and the warmth of the stove appeal to me this afternoon, too. ♥

  3. Nancy, I don't see a single thing about this cabin that I don't absolutely love. The neutral furnishings with all their softness and texture just draw your eyes to the woodland. I don't think that I have ever seen a better combo of luxury and rustic. Inside and out, every inch a feast for the eyes. I know I keep saying it, but here I go again, "I love your blog!"
    Connie :)

  4. Love this one! I especially like how it is nestled into the landscape and the forest. I could stay there for a long long time.

  5. This is a cute one. I kind of like the idea of no TV or WiFi too. Lots of beautiful nature and charm.
    Happy Weekend.

  6. I'd spend most of my time outside in the fabulous surroundings and porch! But the inside is pretty impressive, too!

  7. It's adorable. Cute little kitchen... xoox Su

  8. I fell in love with the first photo and the love just kept growing. What a wonderful retreat!

    Thanks again for another fantastic post ~ FlowerLady

  9. Wow . . .
    and who would have thought . . .
    a standing fire drum . . .
    How cool is that . . .

  10. Ahhhh....just the thought of being close to nature in this way is GIGGLE provoking! I get giddy just thinking about my own cottage that has great views of the garden from the kitchen and the great room. Oh Nancy, this small space offers just huge rewards, to be wireless and yet connected to the green spaces of home. LOVE IT!

  11. I really love how rustic in design it is and then you have all the amenities like a dishwasher!

  12. This is a cottage where you really are one with nature! All the fur throws and rugs make me want to snuggle right in! Thanks so much for sharing this little cabin in the woods, Nancy!

  13. Definitely a favorite Nancy - and a rental which makes it possible for anyone to stay and enjoy!!!

    The bluebell wood reminds me of playing in the ones near my English home when a child - they are such amazing areas and smell divine when the flowers are blooming. I have to laugh at the name of the cottage though when, thankfully, there are no bears in England - makes countryside living have one less concern. Instead you have to deal with rain and muddy conditions but that's why we Brits grew up with sturdy Wellies and mackintoshes always close at hand, haha!

    I'm drooling over the compact velvet sofa in a color I would love to find - not green not blue, perfect.
    Everything shown is just exquisite, so much thought has gone into this tiny property, both inside and out - thanks for sharing. Now I'll check availability - never know, I could make a detour when next visit my hometown! A couple of quiet days spent here would be heaven.

    Hugs - Mary

  14. My husband would have loved this place. Great summer retreat. I did have to chuckle when I saw the kitchen though. No TV or WIFI but got to have that dishwasher for all the dirty dishes and the microwave for TV dinners. LOL The microwave and Dishwasher would be the first I gave up. Just saying.

  15. All of your features give me visions of relaxing vacations! I adore that bathroom sink too :)

  16. Oh, my word! What a lovely place! SO inviting and heartwarming just to even look at! Thank you for sharing. :) God bless you.

  17. Love it Nancy.....just what I could use right now. Thanks always!
    Diane xo

    1. Diane, how nice to see your name pop up! I'm glad you enjoyed the cabin. xo

  18. Now that is a place my husband needs to see. He knows how I would love to stay in a cabin but needs a vision of one! The last one he found looked like this on the outside but on the inside, completely modern. No cozy there like this one. Love it!

  19. My bags are packed, how soon can I move in? It's gorgeous, I love it. I wouldn't miss TV but I might miss wi-fi. I absolutely love your quilt in your previous blog :-)

  20. Charming, charming, charming...right down to the name! : )

  21. I love this one. The little kitchen is so beautiful and it would be wonderful both to have your morning coffee quietly looking at the view and cuddling by the fire at the end of the day. Yes, this is a good one.

  22. It's perfect. I love how cosy it is and still managed to be very open to the outside thanks to the huge windows.

  23. I like how the beams "created" the rooms. The use of warm fabrics and blankets really added to the charm. But really, the outdoors is what drew me in! Oh what a delightful spot to sit and read a good book or hike through the trails outside. Yes, I agree with you... since spring is elsewhere this year (we got 3" of snow last night), seeing this beautiful space helps me to know that spring and flowers surely will come... :) Hugs to you Nancy, you always offer up pure delight for the soul!

  24. What an adorable amazing little place. I love it.


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