Living Large In Small Spaces - Christmas Decorating

Now that we've enjoyed a lovely Thanksgiving celebration with friends, my thoughts are turning to Christmas.

Isn't this a beautiful room?

Source: Susie Watson Designs

Welcome to the fifty-ninth post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

As I consider how to dress up our own small cottage for Christmas, these are some photos that have inspired me. They may inspire you, too. Even if your space is larger.

There's a lot packed into Courtney and Matt Brown's apartment living room, yet it doesn't look cluttered. 

12th & White Home & Antiques

I like the Christmas tree on the white wicker trunk and the wreath hanging on the old door.

12th & White Home & Antiques

I love the simplicity of Maria's unadorned Christmas tree in the pale blue feed bucket.

Source: Dreamy Whites

Just a few pine cones and miniature lights dress this minimalist tree. Three candles and a gorgeous basket add warmth.

When floor space is at a premium, hang a Christmas tree. Framed by the windows and the candles' amber glow, this is a stunning look.

Source: Digs Digs - 30 Creative Decor Ideas For Small Spaces

Sasha's chalkboard makes a big statement over her tiny trees.

Source: Lemonade Makin' Mama - Hall Decking With Heart

Bedrooms are fair game for holiday decor too. Accessorizing with red and touches of evergreen creates instant Christmas.

Source: Rusty Hinge - 2013 Holiday House Walk

For a completely different color palette, a beach cottage Christmas bedroom designed by Tracey Rapisardi.

sleepy time
Tracey Rapisardi Style - Christmas Cottage On A Seaside Cove

I love the little vintage tree on the bedside table. Oh, that enamelware pail!

christmas tree
Tracey Rapisardi Style - Christmas Cottage On A Seaside Cove

If you're lucky enough to have a footboard, hang a wreath on it.

Source: Dig Digs - 32 Adorable Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Source: Dig Digs - 32 Adorable Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

If one wreath is good, several are even better.

In the Andereggs' sun-washed bedroom, a gracious iron bed is dressed with crinkled linens -- Margo's preference. The center pillow is handcrafted from vintage fabrics; on the wall, a 1905 certificate memorializes the marriage of Sever and Vernie.
Source: Country Living - Christmas Cottage

I think it's safe to say small homes have windows.  If you're good at following instructions, this site (click on the caption) will give you the details for making this window sill garland.

Source:  Easy Craft Ideas - Window Christmas Garland 

I don't think it would be hard to re-create this delightful scene. One birch branch+craft birds+spanish moss+twine for hanging and glue. Pine topiaries in terracotta pots with a few snowflakes and you're good to go. (I'd leave this up all winter.)

Source: Stylish Eve - Christmas Cheer With A View, Decorating Your Holiday Windows

If that's too much work, how about this. Super easy. LED star string lights. No little figurines in your stash? Use your imagination. I could see a row of little white or terracotta pots with red geraniums on the sill. Charming.

Source: Stylish Eve - Christmas Cheer With A View, Decorating Your Holiday Windows
Or how about vintage post cards?

Amid a snowy white setting of antique needlework and opulent agapanthus, holiday postcards from the early 20th century bear good wishes, revealing tender glimpses into bygone holidays. The cards, addressed to beloved sisters and friends, are propped in old frogs, which Margo collects. Crocheted runners soften the view through the kitchen window. Margo likes to layer the vintage textiles, displaying several at a time.
Source: Country Living - Christmas Cottage

Vintage Christmas aprons. So cute in this red and white kitchen.

Source: BHG

Finally, I've got a major crush on this bathroom. Oh, those towels!

Source: 52 Flea - More from Evi's Holiday Home

Well, I'm ready to jump in and get Christmas decorating started. How about you?

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  1. Lots of wonderful ideas, Nancy! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    P.S. I love those towels, too! ;-)

  2. Nancy your photos warmed my heart and sparked my inspiration. This year I am doing a simplistic rustic vibe. Out of all the beautiful and unique photos the one that makes my heart sing is the birds on a branch with the evergreen topiaries.

  3. Wonderful inspiration! I won't start decorating until next week but I have been thinking about putting some lights in my 8 yo son's room, I love the hanging lengths of stars idea. (Note to self: look for star lights next week when out shopping!)

    1. I hope you find them, Tracey. I know Amazon as them. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Oh my word, Nancy, so many amazing ideas! One of them just touch a chord in my heart, it was that branch with the little birds setting on it. I think that would be cute for spring, too :) Thank you for all of your research and all the time that you put into your wonderful posts. It's better than any decorating magazine; you always do such a lovely job.
    You're a special lady.
    Connie :)

  5. Nancy, I have to agree with Connie...those little birds on the branch....sweet . I love the tiny trees in the buckets too. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

  6. These are all so inspiring, Nancy. I have just started decorating and I love getting new ideas. We have a footboard on our bed and I have hung a wreath on it the last couple of years - I really like how it looks!

  7. One of the things I noticed about most of those beautiful homes with great holiday style is white/neutral tones. It seems that is one of the keys to helping make a small room/home feel more spacious. That is something I am slowing working in my own small home. Enjoyed viewing all of these ideas! Blessings, Cindy

  8. Lots of ideas here! We finished up decorating today with the help of the kids! Now to relax and enjoy! Nancy

  9. Oh my gosh Nancy these are all so lovely. I am thinking I need a foot board on my bed for a cute wreath.
    Love all the inspiration.

  10. Oh Nancy! HELLO! This is a joy this early Sunday morning, as I prepare to indulge in another vacation day before heading back to school tomorrow. Three weeks however of work, then off for TWO WHOLE WEEKS for Christmas. We enjoy a very quiet holiday, but for me, I love being at home and enjoying the decorations. These ideas you share are ultra inspiring and I enjoy them because most of them ARE minimalist and use more natural elements. I enjoy that a lot more than too much glitter, color and plastic (which are OK for some, but I think the natural elements are less cluttery!)

    I have a real Douglas fir table top tree in our great room that is sitting in an old galvanized steel bucket. With only twinkle lights, this simple tree is A JOY. In my studio, I have a platinum vintage tinsel tree and I LOVE IT. I hope you are having fun preparing your cottage for her first Christmas my friend. Much love to you!

  11. I wasn't feeling in the mood until I saw this post. :-)

    Happy Holidays ~ FlowerLady

  12. The best of the BEST! I really appreciate the time you spent compiling this post, Nancy. Simple and subtle and strong.

  13. The birds on the branch is by far my favorite!

  14. I LOVE everything you've shared. I'm inspired and ready to start decorating. I bookmarked many of the links so I can spend time relaxing and looking at all kinds of things. And I will be back to 'study' the photos you shared - they are wonderful. Decorating hasn't begun at our home. My sweetheart just arrived home yesterday from ten days away for elk hunting (successful!). The boxes are still waiting in the attic but will soon be down and the fun will begin. Please share your Christmas décor when you're ready. I can't wait to see what you do!

  15. Fabulous, one and all, Nancy...but....that unadorned, lit tree in the basket is my favorite. IF (never gonna happen) the kids would let me, I would dress our tree that way. I just love the simple, elegant look. I am working my way around the house, tossing old, unimportant pieces and trying to put out only what strikes me. I bet your place looks charming!

  16. These are great ideas to simplify decorating, something I am trying to do in my house! I love them all!

  17. WOW- There are some really GREAT ideas here! I love several of them....and how simple some of them are but make such a big impact. Love those birds on a branch towards the end. How cute is that!?! xo Diana

  18. Oh my . . .
    Over the moon happy with all these ideas!
    Thank you . . .

  19. Love the simplicity of these holiday decorating ideas Nancy. As you know when you are in a small cottage, simple is always best. Thanks for the lovely inspiration. Hope you have a great week my friend.

  20. Nancy, what a fabulous collection you've curated! During this crazy-busy week, I'm loving the soothing whites. :-) With our house on the market and no family coming in for the holidays, I think I'll take the "simplicity" route myself and just put out a few Christmas touches this year. Thanks for the inspiration! May your first Christmas in your new home be filled with joy as you deck your new halls. So happy for you!

  21. Great ideas for decorating. I really liked the bedrooms, especially the vintage tree in the enamel bucket. Have fun decorating. Debbie

  22. I really enjoyed this post. It gave me many ideas!

  23. The birdies!!! How sweet!!! lol
    Hope your holidays were merry and bright, dear Nancy.
    I'm late to this post, so tucking these ideas away for next year.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  24. I think the birds and snowy topiary's are the best window display ever. Really nice blog post and introduction to some new blogs to check out. Thanks for all your effort to put this together.

    1. My pleasure, Tonita. The birds and topiary really spoke to me, too. xo


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