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"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Welcome to another edition of Living Large In Small Spaces.

I'm so happy you could join me today, as I have a very special guest from Germany: Caroline of the blog My Shabby Little Country Home. I was introduced to Caroline after she left a comment on another home I featured in this series. That led me to her blog, and when I saw her uber charming old world cottage I asked her to come and share it with us.  I'm so glad she accepted my invitation. 

While Caroline's home is somewhat larger than many of the homes I feature in this series, most of the individual rooms are small and Caroline has furnished them to live large.

Please give Caroline a warm welcome. I know you're going to love what she has to share.


Caroline and Bill's Shabby Little Country Home

I met my husband in November 1988 while he was stationed in Mainz, Germany. We got married in 1990. While I was pregnant he had to go to Iraq. He returned after our son was born and due to the troop reduction in Germany we moved to Illinois and bought a house. We all were so homesick that we left the US after only 13 months. We moved into a beautiful and big apartment in an old mill. The rent was sky high, so my hubby insisted on buying a house. 

After looking at I don't know how many houses, we came across our home in 2001. It's located at the foot of the Taunus mountains in a tiny village surrounded by woods. At first Bill thought I was kidding him when I told him "that's the one." He replied that there isn't a straight wall in the house. But that was exactly why I fell in love with it. Our home is a half-timbered house which is about 200 years old.

The size of the house is about 1560 square feet and the garden is about 5600 square feet. 

The house was in poor condition and we invested a lot of time and money. 

As you walk through the front door you are in the hallway which we use as our dining room.

To the left is the front room and to the right is the kitchen and behind it is Bill´s bathroom.


The ceiling in the front room was so low that Bill hit his head on the wooden beam. Since we had a tiny basement under the front room we lowered the floor.

This is where we keep our TV.


On the first floor is our bedroom, office, bathroom and a room in which I do the ironing.


Ironing Room

In the attic story is a big and a small guest room and another small room in which we store our clothes that we don´t need for the season.

Big Guest Room

Small Guest Room

We are still not completely done with our house. My bathroom still needs a full remodel and the hallway floor still needs to be done. Bill had a severe car accident in 2010  with a skull brain trauma, so we cannot do everything on our own anymore. But we hope to get the upper bathroom done this year.

Except for the front room all rooms are pretty small, I think that makes them cosy.


Thank you so much, Caroline, for sharing your lovely home and personal story with us. I'd say you're living very large in your small spaces. We wish you and Bill the very best.

To see more of Caroline's sweet home and gorgeous gardens (oh my, does she have a green thumb), go to her blog My Shabby Little Country Home here.

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  1. swOon .. fAint .. tHud
    {{. i love this .}}

  2. Charming and an old world feel . . .
    What fun it was to see and for your friend to share it with us.
    I hope her husband continues to heal and be well.

  3. What a charming home! Every corner has been thought of. I don't see how anyone staying in the big guest room will even want to leave.

  4. Very cute place! Love the outside too!

  5. It's a very sweet space. I love her decorative touches. I hope her husband is feeling well. Thanks for sharing, Nancy!

  6. Hi..such a sweet home..sorry to hear about your husband..i that the little stool on the counter..tucking that idea what would a kitchen be without a jar of nutella..Thanks for sharing..hope your bathroom is all you hoped it would be when you get it done..your curb appeal is wonderful as well..Nancy Thanks for having Caroline come for visit.!!

  7. Nancy this is such an amazing home! I am so glad that you shared it. Enjoy your weekend. Hugs, Jo

  8. Nancy,
    What a great home to feature in your series. Caroline has a beautiful home with a lot of old world charm. Love her guest room so inviting and charming. Happy Week End.

  9. Nancy, that was awesome. I went over to Caroline's blog and was amazed at the real timbering! How lovely is that house, so old and crooked: PERFECT!

    I hope your own project is coming along well! Can't wait to see it all done!

    Happy Sunday to you dearest Nancy! Anita

  10. What a lovely old home, beautifully decorated.

    I pray that Bill will do better with each new day.


  11. I just love the style and décor of this sweet home. I see why it was the one for Caroline!

  12. Hi dear Nancy a,, una hermosa casa ,,que tengas un bendecido comienzo de semana cariños

  13. Love the bed in the master. so cozy stuck in that nook. Debbie

  14. Love this post, I saw the pic of the outside and knew straight away that this house is located in Germany (being German myself) In fact she is from the same region as me. Super post , I love to see homes from different countries!!!!! Will visit her blog for sure!!! xoxoxo Christine from Little BRags

  15. A beautiful home! Sending prayers for Bill.
    xx oo

  16. What an incredibly beautiful home you have made out of this old cottage! Your loving, creative touch adds such a special flair to every room... and imagine having an ironing room! How amazing is that! Just love all that you have done, and am so glad to have gotten to know you better through Nancy's spotlight on you and your home :)

  17. What an adorable home! It reminds me of a beautiful doll house. The decor is gorgeous.


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