Living Large In Small Spaces - Encinitas Cottage, Mobile Homes Redesigned

Thirty-eighth post in the series 
"Living Large in Small Spaces"

Welcome to another edition of Living Large In Small Spaces.

Last week's post on Geneva and Buzz's remodeled single-wide mobile home Whisper Cottage was very well received. Which makes me happy because I like the idea of mobile homes as a housing option. So let's take a look at another charming mobile home, shall we? 

This custom-designed Southern California beach cottage was designed by Hayes, Inc. Architecture/Interiors.

Whether used as a primary residence, or a retreat, this tiny house has lots to offer.

Plank walls and ceilings introduce the cottage vibe.

This home has one bedroom and a loft.

The kitchen seems to have all the essentials.

Farmhouse sink, plate rack and sink skirt spell c-o-t-t-a-g-e.


The mood is casual and carefree.

Here's a better look at the window seat. Love this.

Good use of space in the bathroom. Great sink vanity.

I love this little place.

It seems like one could live large here with very little maintenance.

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 Living Large in Small Spaces

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  1. Any idea the cost of this one? Too cute!

  2. This is so charming. Love it. Love the kitchen and the window seat is so adorable.

  3. I love literally everything about it. and it's less than 40 minutes from me. So charming! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love this---so many wonderful decorating ideas. Who would think of the space involved when it's so pretty?!

    Jane x

  5. Love this Nancy. It is adorable. Curious on the price on something like this. I looked at the website they did not have any prices. Really cute.

  6. Isn't that just the sweetest little place? I love it- Not sure if I could live that small with the group we have in and out of here but I sure love dreaming about a cute little place like that. xo Diana

  7. Nancy, this home just made the top of the list of favorites for me. It is wonderful and so beautifully decorated. Do you know the size of this home, it doesn't look any bigger than my Art Barn. I have often thought it could be turned into a great guest house or small apartment . . . someday when I quit having fun creating and sewing, LOL.

  8. What a lovely little compact home. It is so useful and has everything that you would need. Thanks you Nancy for sharing this one. Hugs, Jo

  9. I could live there, easily! It is beautifully decorated! Thanks for sharing, enjoy your day!

  10. No way...a mobile home? I would never have guessed from that lovely exterior. I could live there! :)

  11. Good morning Nancy! I am late in my visits today; summer has kicked in here at home since we've been back from our dream summer destination in Carmel.

    These lovely smaller homes really are making an impression and are just as fun, elegant, cozy and any home, if people just use the right materials and design. I hope your project is coming along? Last I saw, you were just about DONE! Enjoy your day dearest Nancy! Anita

  12. Nancy,
    Small oftentimes can live very large when design choices are well thought out and an overall mood is achieved. This trailer/charming cottage proves this belief. I will say that viewing this post your 38th in your series (you are amazing) left me feeling people with comfort in mind and love in their hearts dwell in this small space.
    PS I spotted the soapstone countertops, we know how I love them!

  13. Hi Nancy,
    I love that you shared this home, I have always wondered about this style of home.

  14. Hi dear Nancy !! Es una casa absolutamente adorable !! Me encantó el colorido y toda la decoración de cada espacio !! Que tenga un bendecido domingo !!

  15. I love it! I could easily live there.

  16. Very nice . . . makes it seem pretty and possible!

  17. I would love that for a weekend retreat! Love the cottage décor.....not something you think of when you think of a mobile home.

  18. Such a lovely little place....inside an out.Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great week.

  19. Wow, I can't believe this is a mobile home. They have done an awesome job utilizing such a small space. Love it!


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