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Welcome Cottage Friends,

The home I'm featuring today, located in Fredericksburg, Texas, has long been on my list of to-die-for cottages. It was built in 2012 by Bonterra Build & Design of Austin, Texas. Bonterra also designed all of the interior details and finishes.

Before we begin our tour of the cottage, I want to thank Austin Pitner owner of Bonterra for giving me the privilege of sharing this wonderful home. I received no compensation. I'm featuring the cottage purely out of my desire to share it with you.

The home was built with chopped native limestone. Fredericksburg was established in 1846 as a German settlement, and limestone was used in many of its original structures.

The front door is mahogany planks with metal straps.

When I first saw photos of the cottage, I thought it was one of Fredericksburg's historic homes. It's hard to believe it isn't.

Everything about this home is quality. Mexican Riviera Beige Cantera was used for the fireplace stone. The floors are stained concrete.

The walls appear to be full block stone, however the interior walls are actually covered with 1-1/2 inch thick limestone veneer (cut from the same limestone used on the exterior), allowing for full, efficient insulation.

Hewn Douglas fir beams, hand notched for corner support, and a Dutch door contribute to the old world feel of the cottage. Open shelves keep those fabulous walls visible.

The kitchen boasts a Shaws apron front sink and limestone countertops.

Eight foot double doors echo the design of the entry door. A clear view of the fireplace can be seen from the bed. 

The cottage has a gorgeous walk-in shower.

The custom bathroom cabinetry was designed by Austin Pitner.

An outdoor shower is located in the back of the house. The retaining wall was built from stone found on the 20-acre property.

Bonterra is currently building a 4500 sf version of the cottage for the owners. When it's completed this cottage will become the guest house. Personally, I'd have no problem making this small home my permanent residence. Could I live large here? You bet!

It's no surprise to me that Bonterra receives inquiries daily about the plans for this cottage. Interested parties can contact them via email at The cost is $1275 for a full architectural set.

All photos are the property of Bonterra Build and Design and are used with their permission. Visit their website to see more of their work:

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  1. Nancy, I thought the outside of this cottage was sweet, but was blown away by the interior photos...not what I expected at all. It's rustic, but extremely elegant and polished. I am a huge fan of this cottage style and yes, I could live very large in this space. 4500 square feet? No thanks!

  2. In my book . . . perfect, charming, beautiful, quality, divine . . . This could be my dream . . .
    No need for 4500 sf . . . (although I would love to see those pictures when it is finished!)

  3. Such a pretty cottage. It reminds me of the small houses along the St Lawrence as we drive from Quebec to New Brunswick. The only change I'd make is for storage - the kitchen is truly a 'guest cottage' kitchen and I'd like a little more cabinetry. The thought of 4500 sq ft is obscene! Thanks again for a look a wonderful small space.

  4. Oh Nancy, this small cottage is amazing. The high end features are outstanding, but far from my budget, LOL. From the outside you do not expect the inside to be so luxurious. What a little diamond!

  5. Nancy,
    This cottage does appear historic and restored. I was surprised it's a new build, in awe how the builders managed to incorporate rustic elements but still give it an exquisite look. Chopped native limestone and oh how beautiful is the indoor shower.... I've never been to Fredericksburg, Texas but would like to visit, ever since Carol Hicks Bolton gave a tour of her home on HGTV. Would enjoy wandering through her antiques store. Nice feature Nancy. Sending you bunny kisses and joyful Easter wishes.

  6. This would be so perfect for us in our aging. Wow I want it, lol....

  7. I love Fredericksburg, TX, and this cottage is a great charming and quaint! The interior finishes are gorgeous!

  8. Wow Nancy how sweet is this cottage. Love that stone wall in the bedroom. Just oozes with charm and coziness. Thanks for sharing this wonderful cottage in your series. Hope your cottage is coming along nicely and you are seeing some great results. Can't wait to see a post on your sweet cottage. Happy Easter.

  9. Like you, I could move right in and be forever happy to call this darling cottage my home! The incredible design features inside cover all the needs in such an artistic way. Thank you for sharing it with us. Have a wonderful Easter, my friend.

  10. WOW what a beauty...I could definitely live there!! Happy Easter Nancy!

  11. How quaint! I love it and to think it is a new build. They definitely captured the feel of a something from the past . It s perfect and would make a great little guest house!

  12. Gorgeous place! I love that front porch. Hope things are progressing well on your new home.

    Happy Easter Nancy!! xox

  13. Very nice cottage. Anxiously awaiting pictures of yours. Happy Easter.


  14. Was delighted to see a cottage from Fredericksburg, Tx highlighted! We have family that live there, and it is such an amazing town - definitely worth a visit if you ever get to visit Texas! Downtown Fredericksburg is one of the most amazing little towns ever. But I digress! Your spotlight on this gorgeous home is absolutely divine! Far beyond anything we could afford, but just captivating in design and decor. How is your cottage is progressing along Nancy? Loving following your journey too. Happy Easter to you!

  15. That is a small dream house - I would love a smaller place on one level without so much garden at this point in life. Love the metal roof, the stonework, and the kitchen sink!
    Many houses around here are gigantic, and getting even larger. One not far from us, is just being completed, and is over 10,000 sf - dwarfing all the houses around it, and on a main street. Really ostentatious - ridiculous where it's located.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely place Nancy.
    Easter blessings - Mary

  16. Nancy I sure could live large in a home like this one that is made of stone. The plan of the home is so perfect. Thanks for sharing, it is amazing. Happy Easter, Jo

  17. Nancy, I've honestly been anxious to see your next Living Large post! And this posting is worth the wait. The fireplace itself is such a grand focal point along with the other Old World details such as the beams (LOVE!) and the doors that the size of the home doesn't matter. I too could see myself living in this,not needing a 4500 sq ft home! Lovely details, and again, the focal point of the fireplace makes this house seem so grand!

    Wishing you a Happy Easter my friend! Anita

  18. I have loved all the smaller homes you have showcased, but by far, this one is my favorite! I wish all of you a very joyful, blest Easter! Nanny

  19. This is absolutely beautiful....I could be very happy living in it. Thanks for sharing!!

  20. Stunning! Finished to such a high standard. It could be my everyday home also!

  21. It's beautiful, and perfect in every way to its site. If I had some land, I want those plans. Someday. I would have to have different native finishes to blend with the land ;)

  22. Lovely stone cottage! I could live there, no need for anything bigger!

  23. It's a darling house and I would have thought it was old as well, until I went inside :)

    I hope you had a great Easter, Nancy!


  24. This cottage is spectacular! The outside is amazing, but the inside was even more impressive. Nice job. I love it and am ready to move in.

  25. I think it would be toasty warm in there in the winter and cool in summer. Very practical. I like that. How's your home coming along?

  26. What a beautiful place! The perfect size. I love the stone walls.

  27. Nancy, great post! I love to see new builds made to look old and historic. I hope you had a nice Easter. -- Melissa

  28. Hi Nancy,
    I think it is beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    How are things going for you? I have been thinking of you this week. Looking forward to an update.
    xx oo

  29. Oh, Nancy, I think you may have found my next home! This beautiful stone cottage has international appeal, its stone facade, both inside and out, is its winning detail. I especially love the kitchen with the open shelving and apron sink, and that wrought iron baker's rack is the perfect complement! Love the Provencal green on the shutters, and the dark wooden door!

    Thanks for sharing and wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  30. Absolutely beautiful, when can I move in :-)

  31. Wow, those stone walls are absolutely gorgeous! I could surely move right in there. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  32. Simply beautiful!
    Happy weekend, dear Nancy.
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  33. Oh! The first cottage is absolutely adorable!


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