Joy List Monday - Language

"Coffee is a language in itself" 
~ Jackie Chan

"This is the fruit of my confessions of what I am, not of what I have been, to confess this, not before Thee only, in a secret exultation with trembling, and a secret sorrow with hope; but in the ears also of the believing sons of men, sharers of my joy, and partners in my mortality, my fellow-citizens, and fellow-pilgrims, who are gone before, or are to follow on, companions of my way."
~ Augustine of Hippo

Matthew 22:36-40

It's simple.

Love God first and foremost.

Then love each other unselfishly.

"We need the Spirit of God whose fruit is joy in God. We need to have the law written on our heart, not just written on stone, so that  when it says, 'Love the Lord with all your heart,' the Word itself produces the reality within us. In other words, we need the gift of joy in God.  Left to ourselves we will not produce it.  That's what Christ brought for us when He died and shed the blood of the new covenant. He bought for us the gift of joy in God." ~ John Piper
 When I Don't Desire God - How To Fight for Joy

-- Love your neighbor as yourself --

A gift to me from Susan

My new friend Susan Nowell at My Place To Yours sent me her husband David's new book

David is President of Hope Unlimited for Children
an organization that ministers
"to the physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs 
of some of the world's most desperate kids - the street children of Brazil."

Dirty Faith is next up on my reading list.
I know it's going to inspire me to
put my faith into action.

Susan's latest blog post is about


She writes about the importance of words

About speaking love this Valentine's Day

with the

Valentine Project


Susan writes:
"This year, when you sit down to write Valentine cards for family and friends, write an extra one—or more!—for a girl at Hope. Cards can be store-bought, handmade, made by your children… doesn’t matter. Feel free to write a note of encouragement if you wish. Don’t worry; it will be translated for you."

I'm going to be participating in this wonderful project.
I hope you'll consider participating too!

Here's the link to Susan's blog and more information about Valentine Project.

Girls as young as 10 come to Hope Unlimited from the streets and slums of Brazil, where they are constantly threatened by abuse and exploitation.

Hope Unlimited

Are you looking closer at the beauty around you today?
What have you discovered?

Joy List Monday was prompted by Anne of My Giant Strawberry. I love her idea of "taking a few moments to jot down bits of beauty that I've noticed or any little details in my day that are bringing me joy." 


  1. Nancy, what a pleasant surprise to see David's book—and especially the beautiful smiles of some of our girls—here at your joyful cottage today! Thank you for including both Dirty Faith and Hope Unlimited's Valentine Project. I hope your wonderful readers will join you and me to speak love to some amazing young ladies. They are definitely on MY joy list!

  2. Very encouraging and deeply inspirit post today Nancy! One thing I've learned about love is this - Love requires action... one cannot love without an action to follow that you truly love. Reaching out in love to others less fortunate than ourselves is one way to put our love into action. Thank you for sharing the story of Hope here today, and for inspiring all who read to love a little more today! Love and hugs to you today!

    1. Dennis has often mentioned that, too. . .that love requires action. Love & hugs to you, too. :)

  3. Beautiful, meaningful and inspirational post.

  4. Good morning dearest Nancy.

    I am so glad that I still visit blogs, because in my blogging experience, I feel I have stumbled upon so many women who BELIEVE. The encouragement I've received here in Blogland over the last seven years has been more than I've actually found in daily life. Why? I think it's because in blogging, we must use words. Words carry sounds that hit the soul. Actions of course seal the deal made with words, but when our hearts are in need, there's nothing more comforting than to correspond in kindness with a friend.

    I am so JOYFUL and grateful that Jesus narrowed down the most essential to two things. It's not that difficult to understand. HALLELUJAH!!!!!!

    Thank you for this reminder that like EVERY DAY, Valentine's Day is a day to GIVE OUT and bless others.

    Peace to you dearest one! Anita

  5. Nancy, I was so touched by your post about faith and putting your faith to work helping others. Just made me take pause for a moment ... what am I doing about that very thing?

  6. Now that's a Valentine's Day post! I am off to visit Susan's blog to read more about HOPE. Thank you for sharing, Nancy. You always manage to inspire me whether you are writing about cottages or faith. That is a true talent! :)

  7. Thank you, Nancy. You have challenged me, thank you. I had a person be very rude to me on Sunday. I have struggled to shake it off. WORDS, they make a huge difference.
    Praying to Shine His Light, no matter how rude others can be.
    xx oo

  8. Hi, Nancy. This is my first visit to your beautiful, tender blog. I don't even know how I got here...perhaps I'm here for a reason?? I'd like to think--no, make that believe--so. I'm your newest follower, anxious to absorb your wisdom. ~Zuni

  9. Inspiration Nancy . . . thank you!

  10. What a great project. Sharing love is so important.

    1. Yes, Anne. Especially to those who have been so abused.


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