The Enchanting Cottage - Part Three

In Part Two of The Enchanting Cottage we left Cottage Lover in the laundry room.  We may feel this to be a terrible abandonment of Cottage Lover, but never fear.  Although she found it a pleasant laundry, she did not stay there. 

We join her now in the bathroom. . .

Cottage Lover was certain she had never seen a more romantic bath in all her life.

She imagined herself soaking in the claw foot tub, surrounded by velvet and candlelight; her nose tickled by lilac bubbles.

Cottage Lover marveled at how Artist Steve could merge elegance with whimsy in just the right measure.

The bath cabinets were outstanding.

Cottage Lover hated to leave the bath, but she did long to see more of The Enchanting Cottage.

Walking into the dining room was like stepping back in time.  In fact, she felt she had been transported to Victorian Europe. 

Oh, it was fantastical.

Beautiful wainscot.

Fabulous ceiling detail.

Pretty chandelier.

Glorious windows.

And a most curious little pachyderm.

There were clocks everywhere.

Small clocks. . .

and tall clocks. . .

and a mantel clock.

Under the mantel stood a wood stove that separated the dining area from the living room.

It possessed ornate wood carving, and metal work.

The cottage was toasty warm, for the wood stove was very efficient.

Each piece of furnitue was perfectly sized for the space.

The upholstery was lovely.

Cottage Lover smiled because Artist Steve had a wonderful eye for mixing fabric patterns.  She knew that he knew that the key is to make sure all the materials are in the same color family.  This makes the room much more interesting.

Another grandfather clock stood guard in the corner, next to an amazing mirror.

Cottage Lover reckoned that Artist Steve was, indeed, very fond of timepieces.

Artist Steve had cleverly remodeled the living room ceiling in the most stupendous way by repurposing a satellite dish. 

A beautiful stained glass window overlooked the front porch.

A gorgeous coat rack with mirror held Artist Steve's outerwear.

From the living room Cottage Lover walked into the master bedroom.  It was small in size, but extra large in beauty.

Artist Steve's bed was breathtaking.

All hand made and carved by himself.

Cottage Lover heard Captain ask Artist Steve if the portrait of the gentlemen was a relative.

"No, just a painting I liked and bought," he said.

The artwork in between the molding was delightful.

But the pièce de résistance was. . .

 the bedroom ceiling.

To be continued. . .
(Dear Readers, if you missed Part One of The Enchanting Cottage, you'll find it here.  Part Two is here)
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  1. Magnifique is right! My my my! One gorgeous detail after another! What a truly magical place! And there's more????

  2. I cannot believe how beautiful the cottage is. I would think it came right out of a faery tale.

    1. That's how I described it when I first saw it, Betty. Like fantasy.

  3. Wow...I love that bed and the drapes surrounding the tub. How romantic. Parts of the cottage have a Victorian feel, still others remind me of Morocco...all the elephants and the curved carvings, blue paint. Then the bedroom ceiling reminds me of the great Italian chapels. There's a whole world literally carved into that cottage! ;)

    1. Great description, Kim: "There's a whole world literally carved in that cottage!" You're right.

  4. It simply amazes me---the bed ,,,,,well all of the wood in this home and all the interesting pieces....quite fascinating. The thing I do NOT like are the curtains ;-) ---I love light too much to go for the heavy velvet curtains ....Oops!! did I SAY that??? I actually have some in my son's room because we needed something to BLOCK the light at night that comes from a lamp post!! LOL!! ut oh!

    1. I like a lot of light, too, But actually, there was plenty of light in the cottage, even with the heavy drapes. The windows are quite large and the drapes are open and tied back in the daytime.

  5. The bathroom is great and I'm really in love with the clock!

    1. I would be happy to have just one of his grandfather clocks. They are truly gorgeous. Especially the one in the dining room.

  6. Fairy tale is is gorgeous. But I swear, I cannot help but think of the dusting that everything would need! And it doesn't look as if there is a speck of dust anywhere there!

    1. It's odd, but we don't get a lot of dust here. Not sure why that is, but I only have to dust our apartment every few weeks. Isn't that strange?

  7. Key word and thought . . . ENCHANTING!

  8. What a great tour Nancy! Love all of the detail in the woodworking. And that tub is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  9. Restrained opulence ? Love it! Thank you for the tour!

  10. That is some talented man. The bed is a masterpiece. Can't wait to see more!

    1. Thanks. I'll be wrapping things up next week. It's been fun to show off Steve's cottage.


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