Friday, March 23, 2012

Fairytale Cottage in Carmel-by-the-Sea

Hugh Comstock's Hansel Cottage photograph by Linda Hartong. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Imagine you're on vacation in California, driving down the coast to Santa Barbara. Suddenly an earthquake hits southern California (about 300 miles away) and you find yourself "stranded" in a quaint little village named Carmel-by-the-Sea. You have no ruby slippers, no dog named "Toto" and no compadres to get you to the Wizard for help. So you make the best of the situation and settle down to experience Carmel. It doesn't take long before you're smitten by the fairytale cottages there and you'd be glad  to stay and live happily ever after. But, alas, you must return to your home. 

A year later you sell your Kansas home and move to a cottage of your own in the enchanting community of Carmel-by-the-Sea. 

Sounds like a dream, doesn't it? For Linda Hartong and her husband it was a dream come true. Now Linda blogs and shares her fabulous photos of Carmel's cottages and gardens, as well as its shops, at "Once Upon a Time. .Tales From Carmel by the Sea". (You can also view her wonderful Carmel cottage photos here at her Flickr gallery.) 

If you've never been to Carmel you need to visit Linda's blog to get a sense of this very special place. And even if you have been there, as I have, you'll enjoy Linda's tours --  she's even managed to get inside some of these delightful cottages and photograph the interiors for us. Lucky girl.

Speaking of interiors, what's your favorite cottage room? Mine is the kitchen. Coming up with ideas for our own cottage kitchen was a lot of fun. 

Our Cottage Kitchen

While browsing through online photos this morning, I came across this adorable play kitchen DIY project. Total cost $30!

If my grandchildren were younger, I'd definitely make this for them. I mean, how cute is this? If you're interested in making your own little kitchen, here's the link to the "how to".

Hope you have a very cottagey weekend.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pam's White O'Morn Cottage in Ireland

Fàilte (Welcome)! And happy St. Patrick's Day. 
Are you wearing green today?

Pam and her husband Paul are Irish, and owners of White O'Morn Cottage in the photo. All week I've looked forward to writing this post and sharing their cottage with you.  (Pam, Happy St. Patrick's Day and thank you for welcoming us to your lovely cottage.)

If you happen to be a fan of the vintage film "The Quiet Man" with John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara, as I am, then you may recall that Sean and Mary Kate's cottage was called White O'Morn. Pam is a big fan of the movie and has "copied and recreated the cottage in the film as far as is practicable." I stumbled across her blog "White O'Morn Cottage, Ireland" last week and contacted her to ask if I could share her photos with all of you. She graciously gave me permission. Currently Pam is busy opening up a new clothing shop and hasn't blogged for awhile. Which is too bad, because she has wonderful cottage things to share and has an engaging blogging style. However, judging by what Pam sold on her Etsy store, I'm sure her new shop will be fabulous and she'll bless many people with it.

See more of this gorgeous dress here
I'm crazy for this vintage wedding dress Pam sold on Etsy. So romantic, so feminine. Fitted bodice, adorned with rosettes and lace. Dropped waist, full skirt. To me, this is the perfect dress for a young bride. What groom wouldn't melt at the sight of his beloved gliding up the aisle in this lovely frock?

Remember the little green shamrock shoes I posted earlier this week? (I know, I was a terrible tease not to tell you where they came from.) 
Pam made them. 

Okay, so that gives you a little background on herself. I know you're dying to see more of Pam's cottage, so let's move on.

The emerald green half door (what we Americans typically call a dutch door) is so welcoming, isn't it? In the first image you saw the flower boxes on the window sills. Here you get a better view of those wonderful sunflowers.

I've noticed from the comments you leave that you share my thought when I see a jewel of a cottage like Pam's. 
"Oh, how I'd love to see inside.'
 Well, here's our chance. I think you'll find her cottage as charming as I do.

Looking from the interior through the half door 
you'll feast your eyes on this lush scenery. Pam says she never gets tired of the view and likes to lean on the door and contemplate. I would like to join her.
Isn't this a glorious view?

"Mary Kate so loved her crockery and such. She used the beautiful Willow pattern dishes and so do we. This dresser is in the living room of my cottage opposite the door just as she had it in the film. I noticed she had some white cups hanging so I must get myself some of them too." ~ Pam

The Living Room
Smart kitty to curl up here for a nap

Living Room Mantel Decorated for Christmas

"The Quiet Man Corner"

The Kitchen

"We never got to see that end of the cottage but it must have been the kitchen end as is mine. My cottage has exactly the same layout as the original (but then most of the three roomed cottages were laid out like that. I wonder if it looked anything like this. This is an original 1920's handmade dresser and it came from an old cottage in Ballinamore, Leitrim. It was taken out about 8 years ago and placed in a damp shed. It was to be used in another cottage in Aughvas but the owners got a new kitchen and it was never used. When I got my cottage and needed furniture they very kindly offered it to me. The feet/legs had rotted away on the wet floor but I managed to prop it up and give it a painting and it is my pride and joy." ~Pam 

Ahhh, so much bout this kitchen to love.

"OK, I know this is not a pretty picture - but to me it is fantastic! It shows the vintage Belfast sink (butler's sink) with its copper taps/faucets. We got it up -FINALLY - after two years of storing it. The kitchen seems to be an endless project."~Pam

(I think the picture is perfect. 
Love that "farm" sink and the copper fixtures.)

"Simplify" is the motto at our cottage too.

"When the Light Is Right"
"Another set of pictures I took I call... 'When the Light is Right' These are mostly of items in the deep window sills with the sun streaming over them."~Pam

I've always wanted deep window sills like Pam's. Delightful.

"Pink, porcelain, paper or  painted . . .you just gotta love roses. . ." ~ Pam

More Lovely Treasures

Could you love Pam's super charming lamp? You distract her, I'll snatch it.
Pam made these delightful chenille and flannelette cot sheet pillows

"Hmmm...these are just begging to be crafted into something SWEET! Let me work on it 
and I'll get back to you." ~ Pam

Pam copied this customized chandelier

"I may add some more  to it and even fix some of the matching saucers around the stem. Like many of my projects it's a work in progress!" ~Pam

(Are you feeling inspired yet?)

The Garden

"This little fairy has been sitting in the corner of the garden for about two years. In that time she has lost her wings and if you look closely you will see tendrils of some kind of moss entwining her legs and arms and waist. 
She is being claimed by nature." ~ Pam

Isn't Pam's cottage heavenly? A couple of years ago she had a giveaway and the winner was awarded a week's stay in her cottage. Can you imagine being so blessed?

The original White O'Morn cottage used in "The Quiet Man" looked like this. . .

Sadly, it now looks like this. . .

The owners let it deteriorate.

But Pam and her husband have lovingly cared for their own White O'Morn, and if we close our eyes and listen carefully I think we'll hear Maureen O'Hara singing 
"The Isle of Insifree."

You can see more of Pam's cottage and her wonderful crafts at her blog White O'Morn Cottage, Ireland.

I hope you enjoyed the tour.


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