Saturday, August 26, 2017

Living Large In Small Spaces - Little House in Arkansas

This week's featured small space is a 600 sq ft home in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Welcome to the 116th post in the series
"Living Large in Small Spaces".

This house has made the rounds on the internet for sometime now, so it may not be new to you. Nevertheless, it's a great little home and deserves to be included in this series. I was all set to show it to you with just a few photos I was able to find. But then I discovered a Youtube video by Tiny House Project that gives a complete tour of the home by Lyndsey, the owner. It's so much better viewed this way with the inside scoop from the source herself, so please sit back and enjoy this 5 minute video. You won't be disappointed. Before you click on the video I want to tell you that I'm taking some time off from blogging to attend to some things that need my attention, spend time with my husband and enjoy the month of September. Thanks for understanding.

I'll be back in October. See you then!

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  1. Well Nancy, you've done it again! I love this little house and got some great ideas from it. Thank you so much. Enjoy your time off with your husband and I'll be looking forward to your posting in October.

    1. Thanks, Betty. I appreciate your visits and uplifting comments. xo

  2. Oh, how pretty!! Thank you ever so much for sharing, sweet friend, and I hope you enjoy your break to the fullest extent possible!!! May every moment be incredibly blessed! No one deserves it more. :)

  3. Dear Nancy ... this is a precious little home. Wishing you and your hubby pleasant and peaceful days during the month of September. Homespun Hugs ♥ Teri

  4. Very sweet! I wish it were surrounded by would be extra cute tucked in. Have a nice month off!

  5. Have a wonderful September - and may all the joy you've brought to me with your small cottages return to you and "yours" ♥

  6. What a sweet little home. I love the fact that they have a regular size bedroom on the ground floor. You don't always see that in tiny homes. This one had nice size rooms and lots of storage. I say going small is nice, but I have seen some that were just too small . . . this was a very comfortable size.

  7. OMG. If only there was a real Santa. This would be the only thing on my list.

  8. A "little" charmer for sure . . .
    (Watching the video early while the house is quiet . . . looking forward to watching it again, with sound!)
    Enjoy your September . . .
    Thank you for this series . . . ideas swirl in my mind with each post!

  9. I enjoyed this! It didn't feel as small as it is. I think I could do this, maybe not climb to a loft but pare down to the essentials that were there. Especially with a sweet backyard and a few chickens!

    I am so glad that blogging gives us freedom to step away for a while and tend to other needs exclusively. We're our own boss!

  10. Very charming and well thought out home, and she certainly got a great deal with her countertops!

    Thank you for sharing Nancy, I always enjoy these tours.

    Have a great September!


  11. I have never seen it before. Pretty sweet! Thanks for sharing about this lovely house Nancy!

  12. Very cute house Nancy. Enjoy your time off.

  13. That is AMAZING. It's great to actually see a virtual tour to get an even better feel and I love the use of salvaged antiques. Perfection!

  14. What a sweet little house!

    Have a wonderful Sept., see you when you come back.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  15. Have a great break my friend. See you in October. Hugs

  16. I remember seeing the outside of this house before, but I don't think I had ever seen the inside, so it was interesting. I was only a little surprise by the idea to have the sunroom facing this busy road. I'll miss your post in September. See you in October!

  17. What a sweet little cottage. May you have a lovely little time away from blogland, Nancy; you will be missed. Enjoy!

  18. Enjoy your time off, my friend :)

    many hugs,

  19. Great little house! I'm particularly interested in how to live large in small spaces, as we are thinking about buying a pied a terre in NYC, which would probably be about 500 sq. ft. Hope you have a good month -see you in October.

  20. Hi,
    I loved this one, Nancy.
    Enjoy your time off. See you in October!

  21. It was very nice to see all the storage elements included in this home, they really used up every piece of available space and it is so cute and functional too. I am finding that storage is the big issue in living large in small spaces, lol! I keep looking at my tiny craft room and wondering how better I could utilize its space. Problem is, I dabble in too many different crafts, lol.

    How is the smoke situation for you, and the fires? I hope they are nowhere near you! The smoke has been so terrible here. All school outdoor activities were cancelled last week due to the hazardous smoke in the air. Thankfully this week it does seem to be better, and it looks like we are to get some rain soon, so thankful for that!

    Hope you have had a lovely September so far, and will look forward to seeing you in October! Hugs to you dear friend :)


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